An Open Letter to the Colorado State Board of Education


Dear Colorado State Board of Education Members:

An employee of Adams 14, I attended the March 14th meeting during which you, the Colorado State Board of Education, voted to continue your quest to turn Adams 14 students into profit for wealthy investors of education “reform.” No doubt, the decision was made long ago, but a couple of inconvenient surprises seem to have thwarted the smooth transition to “cash kids.” Continue reading


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Humble Pie

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5


Just home from some of the gentlest holiday travels I have known—time with family and friends, connecting around food and games and sweet conversation. And yesterday as I was flying home from a Connecticut visit with a friend and the pilot reduced altitude for landing, I watched from my windowed seat as the fields and curves below me shifted from the appearance of a two dimensional topographical map to the earth-bound realities of texture and depth—the realities of landscape we experience in close proximity.  Continue reading

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Labor, 2018

A Labor Day letter I’ve been meaning to write for a while… Continue reading

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Profit or the Greater Good

The questions that we have to ask and to answer about that procession during this moment of transition are so important that they may well change the lives of men and women forever. For we have to ask ourselves, here and now, do we wish to join that procession, or don’t we? On what terms shall we join that procession? Above all, where is it leading us, the procession of educated men? …Let us never cease from thinking—what is this “civilisation” in which we find ourselves? What are these ceremonies and why should we take part in them? What are these professions and why should we make money out of them? Where in short is it leading us, the procession of the sons of educated men?

Virginia Woolf, Three Guineas, 1938 Continue reading

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Snakes and Hawks, Part 1

Inevitably, in one form or another, a student in every class asks the question: “Miss, were you a hippie?” It’s a question that floats on their internalized images of the type–all flower-loving nonviolence–and the readings that hold sway in our content–readings by Michelle Alexander and Angela Davis detailing the human poisons of the privatized prison industry, articles about resource wars in Africa, about housing toxins and educational disparities. I sense their disappointment when I tell them that I came of adolescence after the hippie years under Jimmy Carter. Vietnam had passed; Jimmy Carter was kind. The hippies had a crisis of relevance. Continue reading

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Charity, 2018

It is December 31, 2017. I spent a little of this afternoon studying charities—their impact, alignment with my values, efficiency ratings, etc.—ultimately deciding on those that I would make part of my monthly giving for 2018. Continue reading


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ooT eM

Last week, the Internet exploded. It exploded with women’s (mostly) testimony and witness to sexual assault and harassment, a response to Harvey Weinstein and every sexual predator that ever took what was not his by force or coercion and without consent–verbal or emotional. Continue reading

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