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A Valentine for Humanity

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day past, I’ll start with a lay-out of the menu: take-out from our favorite pig joint to include pork short ribs in Asian-buffalo sauce, soft bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños in a sweet drizzle, and a pinkish pork tenderloin topped with a figgy apple drench.  Probably a little more sugar than I should have, but totally worth the V-Day splurge.

Here lay the difference between this Valentine’s and previous: it was a dinner shared with my 19-year-old son, home from college to do some laundry. Continue reading



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Meaning that Remains

In the last several days, I have flooded my Facebook page with over 25 pictures and blogs, all protesting Fast Track for the TransPacific Partnership, a trade agreement sure to further deplete American jobs, compromise our sovereignty, make vulnerable our food and water supply, and allow giant corporations manipulative powers over Internet content. No doubt, those 79 “friends” of mine are more than a little frustrated by constant disruptions to their feed. Perhaps some even roll their eyes in a there-she-goes-again frustration and pause, holding index fingers over the “unfriend” option. So why DO I care so much? Continue reading

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